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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

Get In Touch

Start a Huddle

Ready to learn more to impact your campus? FCA can help you many ways. Most campuses have FCA staff close by who are available for training and support. In addition, we provide many resources for your Campus Ministry. To get started:

  1. Pray. Contact your local FCA staff. They can give you a better understanding of FCA and the campus ministry and answer questions. 
  2. Complete the Ministry Leader Application form. This can be obtained through local staff or visit
  3. Certify your campus. Use the Campus Ministry Certification Form in this brochure or visit
  4. Identify student leaders and coaches. Identify those who are more likely to be leaders and volunteer their time.
  5. Hold an organizational meeting. Have a meeting with those who want to learn more about FCA.
  6. Review Resources: We provide everything you need to succeed in our Campus Ministry Kit, and much more. Our Campus Ministry Kit includes: The Huddle Playbook - includes FCA information, basic training and resources. The FCA Athlete's Bible - includes options for more than 25,000 Huddle meetings. The DVD/CD Combo - contains video-enhanced Bible studies, Ministry Planner and training. Sharing the Victory Magazine - enjoy nine issues per year.